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Good luck with that. We don't even have a true budget.

Just a series of stop-gap bills to prevent the government from going bankrupt.

When will the government actually govern?

Hint… never.


Society is becoming unglued.

The USA is supposed to be a free country, but it is a police state. The US is no longer a democracy, Americans no longer have rights, and everything is illegal.

The government blatantly breaks the law and then laughs and expects Americans to obey the law and pay taxes.

How can Americans sleep at night now?

What would an American do if he was married, had a house, car, job, and $100,000? Would he throw everything away to fight for freedom or would he try to justify being unconstitutionally wiretapped, groped by the TSA, being tracked with license plate readers, stopping for checkpoints, and being stopped and frisked?

How much is liberty worth to you?

Maybe Americans might benefit from studying King Charles, the French Revolution, the American Revolution, the Civil War, and the Vietnam War.





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