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Back from the dead. Again.

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So I bought 53 lbs of old hdd's from the local junkyard today for $42. Recovering the windows/office keys and other software keys for resale… will post any interesting finds here.


Hmmm. Personal user data and software licenses sold by the pound.
How creative.
And ppl worry about data breeches.


lol. for sure. well, so far I've recovered TONS of XP/Vista/7 pro and home keys.

Also, microsoft office 2007 and newer.

I'll be able to sell the keys on Kinguin.net, who pays out to merchants in BTC, paypal or bank draft. (shameless plug)

Interesting note, the path "%appdata%/Apple Computer/MobileSync/Backup" contains iPhone backups made by iTunes.

Full phone backups, most people dont bother to encrypt them.

Ill make a tutorial in another thread on how to convert this backup into usable data that likely contains nudes.

Similarly, appdata can be used to find if a bitcoin wallet exists. Here is to hoping..


tutorials would be great.
I've always wanted to learn how to do some of that stuff.
I'll have to see if hard drives are available by the pound around here too.


Many junkyards will have them but they make you visit the yard and pull them from scrapped towers.

At that rate, pull the memory, motherboards and pci cards as well. They’re worth about $15-$4 a pound, respectively. You can ship them by mail to cashforcomputerscrap.com, and even better, they’ll pay the shipping up front by request.


Yo, where can I find the tutorial for the data recovery??


there are a few major programs to do this, but i use this:


there is a free version, but I use the paid-for version because its hella cheap and makes exporting the recovered data alot more findable.

basically, mount disk, do 'deep scan' option, select all file types, wait.

when done, sort through files. sometimes you get 10s of thousands of old jpegs among other things to sort. good times.

I suggest also saving .thumb and .thumbcache files, which contain thumbs of images sometimes long deleted and written over.

uh. ill elaborate on this in a later post in this thread.


Post their nudes bro


lol thats some of the content going into /v/

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