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Because who actually needs this board?
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Back from the dead. Again.

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Not much. Gone walkabout with me mates.
Dat you, Onion?


I was wondering the same. not many others would up and post a roo


Yeah it's me , did I miss much


NM. a couple restarts and lost data but now that Strider runs the servers, that should all be behind us.
You did miss my last trip down unda, last month. It's like a damn blast furnace for you guys this summer. Why so f'ing hot?
I saw the recent Townsville floods on the news here. Fuck man, what's going on with the weather.
You and yours doing OK?


its for sure behind us. the server runs about 10 different sites currently, and runs like a boss. 250mbps fiber connection most of the time, peaks at 400 in slow times.

second server coming into the shop in a few months, blah blah. gonna start pushing more hosting I think. fuck fixing phones.

fuck the king.


Yeah that summer was fucking bullshit hot , now it's just raining every second fucking day , hey stride what's the go with that guy your wife keeps talking to on Facebook , he trying to cut your grass or what ?


Have we got a chat thing still?


lol, gimme a name. Tim? thats a situation I am ontop of, if so.

We don't have IRC anymore.. I suppose I could make one if people were gonna use it.

Also, ill be returning to fb as mr. nakamoto early next month. about fucking time.


Dudes name is Christian , I was wondering when you would be coming back to shitty fucking FB haha


lol hes a coworker. Im aware of something there too, cool by me. yeah man, around april 5.


Fuck your weird marriage bruh , also fuck my god damn country , 8pm and it's fucking 82F and like 80% humidity , the fucking cold water coming out of the faucet isn't even cold at this point ,it's like slightly hotter than room temp


lmfao. bruh send me a wombat

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