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Back from the dead. Again.

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Back again huh


Boy I sure know how to kill a chan quickly..


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You sure can Strid, it's like the good ole days already.

Reboot #2: Go!


Hey, the page isn’t full of kike links yet



Hell, I'd wade through vast swaths of juden click bait shill BS if I could just have half the content back.


we'll get there. but we're not doing jb. sorry boys, gotta have a new gimmick. for reasons.


We need a Tor friendly IRC



I was here back in 2013. Back when Pony had his kikelinks and this place was very active.

A lot has changed since then but at least this place is still around.


glad you came back. we're still ticking, barely, and looking at new iterations.. but time will see this site prevail i think


Well shit what direction do you want to take this site?

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