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Because who actually needs this board?
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Back from the dead. Again.

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this shit right here is why I dont use 4chan.

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hey, what's up?
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that they is a young Madonna with Churchill


Of course. Now I can see it.
How did I miss that?


yall niggas crack me up


Well pull yourself together.
A new /b/ is dawning.
Keep life random!


kill yoself. ha. jk, first poster in months, you just stay right here.

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fresh look, whatsup?

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Can anybody explain WTF is going on here?
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need to do something big to attract attention and get more posters here or add /i/ which has been absent on everychan for a long time


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>3 days without a post


lmao. one day i will return rampantly, but i am always so flooded with shit. lame.


happy november


happy november Ramen, wassup?

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