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Because who actually needs this board?
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Back from the dead. Again.

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post your stupid whores

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Greetings from kotchan, we're kots there.
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theres at least 4-5 of us regulars, according to IP logs. I'd love to see more users… :)


I should note, as the owner, I am taking steps in the right direction to fix this place.

part of what condemned us was that in the banner ads there USED to be a coin miner, which chrome would flag and block users. having cleared that up, we're starting to see more traffic and posts anyway


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me too i guess

>board owner
why did you make another 4chan copy? what does this site offer that differentiates it from other chans? ive been to many low user chans and they all have the same boards as 4chan along with the overall anime focus
>creepshot, fakes and snaphax
why dont you focus the site onto those? the pol board is just spam anyway and /b/ is meh
i hope you get the site fixed and more visitors to the site


Man I just wrote such an amazing answer to this and then somehow it didn't post so here we go again.

As for WHY there is a 4chan clone here, let me explain.

Literally on my bday of 2013, a ban happy mod gave me a permaban for 'too many server requests' on 4chans /b/ board. I appealed the ban and lost, but that was my third ban in under a month from this new set of mods, all of which bans were for arbitrary reasons. I'd had enough as had several of the users at the time.

So, that day NBC was bought at Godaddy.

Now, this chan may appear to be dead, but I assure you we're rich with history.

At peak, we had about 7 mods in 6 time zones including UK and Australia areas.

I daresay I befriended 4 of them, speaking to two of them almost daily still, even though they never post anymore. One of them I play vidya with nearly daily, and talk to via snapchat even more frequently.

We've gone from version to version of the site, shifting frameworks for security and ease- from Kusaba to Kusaba-X, Tinyboard, Vichan and some others. I even have a custom chan software in the works.



Each shift has been for added security, usually after a breach or some attack. We've had attacks from third parties which were used to knock good content off the boards, others were inside jobs by upset mods who didn't like policy.

At any rate, thats the why.

Now as for content- /b/ is here because its basically obligatory in nature at this point. /v/ is my preferred board, and snap and deep are growing areas.

/pol/ has little use to me, except that the software creates pages dynamically, so for each thread theres an html doc. for each html doc, I get crawled by bots, including each link on the page. including ads. so content is content is content. content is money.

We're gonna make it here. We're 5 years old. We've had over 35k posts over the years. NOW we have the software to keep them up- the server keeps regular backups and has added safeguards to protect from would-be attackers.

I'm glad you like it here. Lets Grow
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Someone using this right now?


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off and on yeah. so whos the pics? moar?

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

May you always get what you seek.


first of all, lmao set pls

Merry Christmas. I spared you all and didnt install hats this year <3

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Illegal brothels

prostitute slave. exclusive, secret video

Illegal brothels in Germany, France, Poland, England, the Netherlands, Russia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy and some other countries filmed by hidden cameras


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Welp. More fixes to the site, detailed below:

I updated the ads settings, so the ads displaying are now google compliant per their new set of requirements

Also, inline expansion of webm videos, so they no longer load in another tab.

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Sexy legs

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hope you cucks had a happy thanksgiving. i did. shit, made the turkey myself which I anticipated being a fail but turned out pretty good really.

filled that fucking bird with quartered onion and lemon and butter. several hours later, voila.


That sounds like too muck work.
I just showed up at Bro-in-law's house. Watched football and drank.
Sis made turkey, ham, potatos. peas, corn, punkin pie, pecan pie, gravy for both meats, and a fuckin' lot of other stuff I don't remember.

Now THAT's Thanksgiving!


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i just shitposted on other chans
what is this and why do americans celebrate it along with BLACKED friday?


What is this? Bruh pilgrims and Squanto and shit.
Corn with fish roots and our people almost died so let’s smash some turkey etc.

Black Friday- retail nonsense

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Climatge Change?
Forest Mismanagment?
Poor Choice for a House Location?

Rebuild in same location with Government funds.(Our Taxes).
Get new house every few years.



Lol if they’re paying they’ll certainly find a better fix

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okay. so anyway, i made this. hello new traffic.
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Hey… I remember you. Welcome back Sus.


Lol turns out he couldn’t use the site because one of the ads I was using was flagging as malware. It’s removed now.




Howdy folks


hello newfriend. we're a little slow here. always. working on that tho.

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