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OK guys. Sorry, some things got broke. I fixed it. We're back up. Whoops

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Mods needed , we are in need of a new mod or two , if you think you are up to it , reply to this thread , next week we will choose some people . Aslo state your mod ethics here aswell
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go to irc talk to strider

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Lets talk about breathing some life into the chan. Use this thread for discussions.

there aren't any stupid suggestions, only stupid people.

Strider will review this thread personally and discuss things with you.
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TFW: theres more spam content being posted then by actual users if this site.

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been away for about a month or so and in that time NOTHING worthwhile has been posted. Unless there is a change of regulations this place in going to implode in a short while. It needs mods and admin that are flexible in their approach to what is allowable here. For example, if somebody were to post something that was borderline not allowed, then the removal could for example be slow which would allow a short period of time of at least a few downloads to take place before removal. This place certainly needs tweaking to make its existence worthwhile. Just my opinion of course.
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You really think this site will be going anywhere anytime soon? This site was dead for a long time in 2014, and made a comeback. I can show you some stats if you want, but on average there's ~20 people on the site at any given time. The site gets nearly 3,000 google search impressions daily, with about 15% of those impressions resulting in a visit to the site. If you want to actually see the site increase, I suggest talking the lurkers into posting some actual content. Theres 20 lurkers at almost all times. If they were posting, we'd get someplace. For one, the added content and real words on pages would give us more google search queries and in turn more impressions, click through, and traffic. Next. You seem to have a concept that the term no-ban means post illegal porn. It does not. Simply put, I made this chan because in 2013 Moot's mods went a little insane and got banhappy. I got banned 4 times in under a month, each for things unrelated to illegal content. The one which made me furious was "too many server requests", 1 month ban. I realized then that people needed a place to go where the mods weren't faggots. You have that place here. We only (mostly) ban spammers and CP posters.


I've never banned anyone in all the times I've worked here.

Also its hard to keep a board up with loli on it. The antis are organised and will stop at nothing to get it taken down. They will even post CP then DDoS a site so they can report it to the host and any LEA that will listen…


>They will even post CP then DDoS a site so they can report it to the host and any LEA that will listen…

Anyway to prove that their the ones doing that? Sabotage and then report.


on 8ch the cp that was reported to host was placed on there right b4 the DDoS started

which means staff doesnt have time to find and delete it.


good thing this chan has a small amount of DDOS protection and a fairly responsive staff

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by request
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So I hear that one of the admin here wrestles? My buddy and I are starting up an organization. I'd like to ask you some questions.

I'll check this thread But if I forget You can always find me at my place in wooo NIB
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Thats bullshit. Fuck 8ch. We regrouped on finalchan but here is good too. Really any smaller chan is suitable.

Also a link to my /loli/ board gets a permab& on 8ch.


NIB is kill

RIP in Peace


what happened mow ?


8ch faggots killed the site because of piracy


File: 1435797349244.gif (423.16 KB, 324x200, 80569541.gif) ImgOps Google

i hate fag pirates

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Is it just me or is feminism not actually that bad?


I hate you for sharing your opinion


I'm just saying it has a lot of great ideas and will truly bring equality to both genders.


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Shes totally not asking to be raped.


as of right now 8chan has been down for a couple of hours.
I suspect they are under some kind of cyber attack. I have also tried a few other similar sites and two are also down. a few others are very slow. somthing is going on.


Who cares. Not us!!


fuck 8chan

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