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File 144883288181.jpg - (96.37KB , 640x640 , 1448832661200.jpg )
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File 144882952269.jpg - (28.22KB , 480x640 , 10456770_10152471142218820_5269307128016531545_n.jpg )
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File 144767237079.jpg - (14.64KB , 165x220 , chum1.jpg )
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Reply to “chum” regarding your posts.
Since I am unable to edit the content of your post, I had to delete it and ‘copy’ it here as a reference without the offending material.

Chum 15/11/16(Mon)02:28
u banned me, why did u ban me u assholes. Im only trying to start a community. this isnt WE DONT POST WE DONT POST CP HERE HERE

750+ Bikini pics in one rar.

>> Inappropriate file links were here <<

>> Chum 15/11/16(Mon)02:29
srsly look in the fukkin files it isnt illegal anything

>> public enemy number one ## Admin ## 15/11/16(Mon)02:31 While this might not technically be anything illegal, one of our mods has determined it breaks the rules.

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>> No. 730
its not a hosting problem. it was an ad network problem.

i will not allow child porn here, but loli r34 might be something we can discuss.

the problem is that every damn time i give one inch, the users take a mile.

loli wasnt allowed by our prior ad company. the new company might be more relaxed.
>> No. 731
>the problem is that every damn time i give one inch, the users take a mile.

true ;_;
>> No. 732
We should stop trying to make a chan work and try something else.

We should run an e-hentai/exhentai type site on a subdomain strid, would eliminate a lot of issues, drive up good content, etc.

File 144854700031.jpg - (179.24KB , 1920x1080 , maxresdefault.jpg )
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It's fucking thanksgiving, spammers, go spend time with your family.

I don't care if it's a U.S. only holiday, you suck our teat on everything else.
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>> No. 717
File 144864053254.png - (656.97KB , 962x720 , Conspiracy Theory Alert.png )
>> No. 720
Thanksgiving wasn't a celebration of genocide.

it was the celebration between the pilgrims and a local native american tribe for the successful slaughter of a rival tribe and the acquisition of their land.
>> No. 721

File vanwhat.webm - (3.91MB )
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OK niggers. Local girl name found in a movie credit. So I look up the movie on imdb, she is on the cover in a bikini so I figure why not, maybe tits in movie. Well nope. But there was this scene. Thoughts? Do nudes exist? Not sure.
>> No. 697
movie name? actress name?
>> No. 700
movie was called return to bloodfart lake. actress is whitney vanhorn

File 144787635855.jpg - (973.02KB , 1136x852 , picture-00010.jpg )
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this fucking upskirt fail though
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>> No. 688
File 14478765038.jpg - (1.01MB , 1136x852 , picture-00017.jpg )
you know the funny part is that most people walking buy, and i mean 99%, didnt even notice i was standing there
>> No. 689
File 144787653295.jpg - (0.96MB , 1136x852 , picture-00019.jpg )
then there was this girl. lmao. she saw me and really gave no fucks.
>> No. 690
File 144787656679.jpg - (0.97MB , 1136x852 , picture-00021.jpg )
i threw this in for good measure. this kids shorts are very very gay.

File 144754501485.jpg - (1.16MB , 1840x3264 , IMAG2615.jpg )
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Tail for days

File 144648461751.gif - (279.56KB , 450x338 , tumblr_inline_n8bq5ff51c1sgarvm.gif )
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Hey strid.

herd yer frends ded died.
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>> No. 656
we all pretty much hate each other
>> No. 659
almost a loli
>> No. 660
I don't hate anyone here although p0ny is an autist.

File 144560458370.jpg - (12.08KB , 304x207 , JSF.jpg )
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Feel like making this trend?
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>> No. 612
>> No. 654
File 144744329783.jpg - (118.18KB , 304x380 , JesusToday.jpg )
>> No. 658
File 144750302043.jpg - (57.83KB , 250x331 , hilarious-japanese-invention-3.jpg )
Did an image search, just to see what appears. Wtf? And Ramen.

File 144603751715.jpg - (88.02KB , 720x540 , Scruffy.jpg )
610 No. 610 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>[02:23:08] <mib_8pvhve> what is the point of this place

I don't even know anymore.
>> No. 611
its an obscure hipster chan...

we can't have loli because its too mainstream lol ;_;

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