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File 143979050029.gif - (11.75KB , 302x336 , waiting.gif )
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Well. Fuck. I just wrote like 6 paragraphs about this site and hit the wrong fucking button.

Here's whats important-

Negrotron (former mod) had gotten access again and removed all other mods and posted some dox (mine, specifically). I had to detach the sites database to get him out.

I disabled the site till I could get a way to screen posts, which is enabled now.

All posts made while staff isn't online will have to be screened. As long as your post is LEGAL, it will be approved.

Looking for a few new mods, btw. Suspected has resigned, mostly because I was a dickwad and wrongfully blamed him for negrotron's getting access. See me or Onion at /irc/

Ill make some changes, like getting the custom banners back up, like getting /irc/ into the menu above, and a few others (webm thumbnails, etc)

Just one last thing- I AM testing a brand new imageboard that will add so much possibility to this chan, so if this site happens to change again overnight..
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>> No. 107
link 7chan

File 144111846545.gif - (120.88KB , 498x498 , Dick gif.gif )
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Okay let's doing something with this board. I mean there is still an amount of people who came her regularly. Shall we talk about our interests?

I'm a big fan of chemistry, anime/manga/light novel and wrestling. What about you guys?

Pic unrelated couldn't think of anything.
>> No. 116
I like little girls, euro music, physical fitness, volunteering, shooting sports and other stuff.
>> No. 122
Euro Music like the stuff that plays during the Eurovision Song Contest?

File 144116745726.jpg - (47.28KB , 500x794 , tumblr_m4i315T9ZM1rqbioao1_1280_500_500.jpg )
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P O R N - C H A N

File 144116236137.jpg - (63.54KB , 467x427 , 5646322.jpg )
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File 144115584672.jpg - (189.62KB , 1000x1333 , 7198421.jpg )
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Nude jailbait video captures
All Previews Download

File 14387443621.png - (51.43KB , 370x370 , _tips_fedora__by_gabplaza-d7c64yc.png )
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le epic one get.
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>> No. 6
File 14393400001.jpg - (1.15MB , 1840x3264 , IMAG2553.jpg )
>> No. 7
File 143934323222.jpg - (1.35MB , 1840x3264 , IMAG2554.jpg )
>> No. 112
What the fuck? Cheese burger flavoured? Where are those from? They don't exist in Germany.

File 144058314619.jpg - (1.02MB , 1553x1697 , my ex 3.jpg )
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So I found some pics of my ex and I have nothing better to do than share them and curse her for leaving me. Yeah Life is pretty.
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>> No. 94
As >>93 said.
Yeah she dumped me and I angry at her for it, but it's not like she cheated on me or did me any harm. I was just a break up from out of nowhere after 5 years. I think it would be a bit much to show her face for that.
>> No. 100
A Ser you are Ser.
>> No. 102
I will take this as Sir

File 143981545286.png - (44.99KB , 190x284 , lewd.png )
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wew, who else remembers when this site used to be more than a glorified porn site?
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>> No. 69
I thought it was more like two?
at least that's when i have emails sent to the site owner.
>> No. 75
Really? I swear I can remember that the spiderman board was still there after everything got erased again last spring/summer.
>> No. 98
I came here over seeing a Spiderman meme on 4chan /b/ and this place was awesome. I know it will never be as cool as it used to be but its not as cancerous as those other chans(8ch!) Its a shame spammers are our most active users. You faggots should stop fapping so much and post more. Its not like we have endless cheese anymore anyhow.

File 144045221114.jpg - (269.40KB , 1600x1200 , IMG-20150816-00037.jpg )
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Any of you nigs into lifting weights or physical fitness?

pic related its a free block that weights 40lbs according to my bathroom scales. I've been figuring out ways to utilise this not traditional weight.
>> No. 95
File 144065530734.jpg - (361.45KB , 1600x1200 , 144045221114.jpg )
Drill two holes in each side and pull a rope through it so you can use them as loops or something like that. Than just lift them.

Pic related:
Trying to clarify mediocre explanation.
>> No. 97
Interesting idea. Currently I've been lifting it straight up 20x a few times a day. I figure if I built my legs up walking/biking that should do the same with my arms.

File 14393165799.jpg - (571.13KB , 2740x2592 , B4-Afta001.jpg )
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Call is what you like. Let's see them!
>> No. 3
File 143931665478.jpg - (346.65KB , 1268x899 , B4-Afta002.jpg )
>> No. 37
File 143995790330.jpg - (283.92KB , 1600x1066 , 57094147.jpg )
So notice how theres not a lot being said about Maddie's nudes?

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