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File 143979050029.gif - (11.75KB , 302x336 , waiting.gif )
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Well. Fuck. I just wrote like 6 paragraphs about this site and hit the wrong fucking button.

Here's whats important-

Negrotron (former mod) had gotten access again and removed all other mods and posted some dox (mine, specifically). I had to detach the sites database to get him out.

I disabled the site till I could get a way to screen posts, which is enabled now.

All posts made while staff isn't online will have to be screened. As long as your post is LEGAL, it will be approved.

Looking for a few new mods, btw. Suspected has resigned, mostly because I was a dickwad and wrongfully blamed him for negrotron's getting access. See me or Onion at /irc/

Ill make some changes, like getting the custom banners back up, like getting /irc/ into the menu above, and a few others (webm thumbnails, etc)

Just one last thing- I AM testing a brand new imageboard that will add so much possibility to this chan, so if this site happens to change again overnight..
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>> No. 258
Leave an E-mail then.

File 144444751169.jpg - (86.60KB , 500x749 , 1302369220629_500_500.jpg )
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File 144444743152.jpg - (39.48KB , 500x334 , gallery028d_500_500_500.jpg )
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File 144444732457.jpg - (59.43KB , 500x750 , 133029135970_500_500.jpg )
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File 144444724683.jpg - (47.08KB , 500x339 , 132995638572_500_500.jpg )
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File 144442472016.jpg - (304.55KB , 743x1095 , image-3.jpg )
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Meanwhile, I bought a bitchin warm tablet today, and I need prac. So I'm taking requests. Post a face pic and a scenario proposal, and I'll see what I can churn out. Pic related is my first try, so it can only get better.
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>> No. 489
I don't know why that means. Gib an example photo and a better explanation
>> No. 490
Means, if you made 50 different drawings of my waifu doing anything I'd be thrilled.
>> No. 494
Fuck. Okay. Describe fiddy different scenarios

File 144443170614.jpg - (929.47KB , 1520x2688 , 1444415404012.jpg )
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Lets get some cringes

File 143981545286.png - (44.99KB , 190x284 , lewd.png )
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wew, who else remembers when this site used to be more than a glorified porn site?
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>> No. 479
>that wordfilter.
>> No. 482
Kek I love it too.
the best fucking coder on this side of the Mississippi.
Child porn.
This is just a test
>> No. 485
File 144442849920.jpg - (93.04KB , 1140x167 , wf.jpg )
Any ideas for more?

File 144442513134.jpg - (520.53KB , 1600x1200 , IMG_20151008_211126.jpg )
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Let's cook! Alternative version. If you live alone, this is it.
Tonight we're having a three cheese honey and mustard chicken fucking SALAD

Ingredients include chicken breast, skinless, cheddar, mozzarella, feta, various salad paraphernalia, spices.
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>> No. 478
File 144442626346.jpg - (534.53KB , 1600x1200 , IMG_20151008_215930.jpg )
Born up a tree.the hot chicken and zucchini are complimented deliciously by the cool salad and cheeses. Eat it and feel good about yourself, cos you're getting rekt on bourbon.

Oh then message your ex. Fuck my life.
>> No. 480
Excellent, that shit looks tasty.
>> No. 483
Zucchini actually made it.

File 144425700035.jpg - (289.47KB , 1239x697 , 20151007_123612.jpg )
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Lets cook! Volume 3.

Halal Duck with asparagus.
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>> No. 458
I actually read somewhere that if the animal is bled out slowly, the meat does taste better. But it's illegal or some shit. And cruel.
>> No. 461
They say if you beat a dog the meat tastes better.
>> No. 462
That depend son the beating. You can bruise the meat, making it inedible.

Your source is obviously shit.

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