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tonight, after weeks of my car battery failing all the fucking time and needing a jump, it failed me for the last time at walmart.

pissed that i cant leave, i proceed to go back in and buy a new battery

our walmart has a tire/lube express area which also installs batteries

i am an impatient fuck so i ask them to help jump my car so i can drive it around and have them install the battery..

as soon as they do, i buy wrenches and install the battery (I later returned the wrenches kek)

anyway to not short myself out i took off my wedding ring. unknowingly it fell.

4 hours later, be home, wife took my hand. pissed that no ring.

i proceed at 10pm in the dark to walk the walmart parking lot looking for this fucking ring.

get home, fail, annoyed.

have epiphany- maybe its under battery

mfw hood won't open

proceed to fuck with car and pound hood at midnight. neighbors getting pissed / 10

anyway, remove battery. there it was. thank fuck.

goodnight /b/.


Hundreds fail the challenge, remain in lifeboats.



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