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random thread.
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Amazing ass thread
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why not ..selfies fm
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>Now this is a story all about how
>Some drunk Austrailian hick's world went upside down
>Now I'd like to take a minute just sit right there
>And I'll tell you how this austailian ditz shit his underwear
>In west queensdale, born and raised
>Checkin out this new catwalking kraze
>Chillin out, meowing, the pack of us two
>Walking down the street, about to take a poo
>When a bearded white guy who was up to no good
>Was stringing up a rope on his redwood
>I let out one little meow and the man got scared and said
>"I'm only doing this because I'm losing my hair."
>I meowed in horror as the man came near
>Drunken slumping walk, and in his underwear
>If anything I knew this man was not all there
>But I thought, nah forget it, I no longer care
>He picked off a scab on his face and then ate
>That crusty disgusting thing like it was involved with watergate
>I could only look in horror as this man began
>To shit inside his cum encrusted underwear
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Sweet as hell
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Game time.

Post a picture and greentext a name of what you imagine this person looks like based on what you know.
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Sexy facebook
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bring back the other chans. C'mon
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Uh. Strider here. So I removed the birthday hats..
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post your good webm here
nothing boring pls
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RIP Suspect,

He died as he lived, a newfag wannabe.
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because why not
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XMAS Nudes

How about some holiday cheer.
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Well shit, son, your fearless leader.
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An entire 2k album
R: 3 / I: 1 (sticky)

Miscreated Thread.

Propose we get an NBC crew together for PK raids.
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Strider you fucking cuck, fix the hats.
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A New Beginning.